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3 Jan 2013

Unnatural Alliances

I have always been a big fan of unnatural alliances, formed, for example, between Beauty and the Beast, Pygmalion and Galatea, or the Owl and the Pussycat, who went to sea in beautiful pea-green boat. 

For the great and intoxicating truth is that once desire has been deterritorialized from its traditional object and aim, then it is free to reterritorialize on all kinds of strange attractors, in all manner of perverse new ways. 

In other words: we can form erotic relations with anything and everything and love achieves its consummation not when boy meets girl, or even boy meets boy, but when entirely heterogenous terms and territories are brought together. 

Thus the advocates of gay marriage are, I'm afraid, nowhere near radical enough in their thinking. What they should be demanding is an end to all anthropomorphic representations of sex: for freedom begins not when everyone has the right to be married in a church, but to be married to a church if they so wish.

Tell that to Pope Benedict XVI.