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4 Dec 2012

The Treadwell's Papers

There's an independent bookshop in London called Treadwell's, owned by a very dear friend of mine, Christina. It used to be based in Covent Garden, but is now in Bloomsbury. Over the last eight years I have presented a variety of papers there and I was recently asked if I could compile an index of titles with dates. 

So, for those who might also be interested, here is a list of the 'Treadwell's Papers', beginning with the first series of essays entitled Visions of Excess: A Secret History of Philosophy, from 2004:

I: Sade: The Impossible One (23-02-04)
II: Nietzsche: The Anti-Christ (01-03-04)
III: Bataille: The Accursed One (08-03-04)
IV: Foucault: The Masked Philosopher (15-03-04)
V: Deleuze and Guattari: The Schizonomads (22-03-04)
VI: Among the Ruins: Nihilism, Culture, Art and Technology (29-03-04)

Sex/Magic: Essays on the Erotic and the Esoteric, the Pornographic and the Pagan (2005):

I: Re-dreaming the Dark: Sex, Magic, and Politics (14-02-05)
II: Masturbation: An Invocation of Pan or Sex-in-the-Head? (21-02-05)
III: Cunt Awareness, or Supposing Truth to be a Woman ... (28-02-05)
IV: Anal Sex and the Recovery of Paradise (07-03-05)
V: Ye Shall be Naked in Your Rites: Nature, Truth, and the Quest for Authenticity (14-03-05)
VI: The Whip and the Wand: Fetishistic Aspects of Modern Pagan Witchcraft (21-03-05)

Thanatology: Essays on Death, Sex, Suicide and Sacrifice (2006)

I: On Dissolving the Distinction between Life and Death (14-02-06)
II: All Being is a Being Towards Death (21-02-06)
III: Eros and Thanatos: Love and Death (28-02-06)
IV: Suicide and the Practice of Joy before Death (07-03-06)
V: Solar Economy and Human Sacrifice (14-03-06)
VI: The Death of God  and the Resurrection of the Man Who Died (21-03-06)

Zoophilia: the Bodil Joensen Memorial Lectures (2007)

I: On Dissolving the Distinction between Human and Animal (13-02-07)
II: Ophidicism: Eve and the Serpent (20-02-07)
III: Come Not With Kisses: Leda and the Swan (27-02-07)
IV: Equus Eroticus: Why Do Girls Love Horses? (13-03-07)
V: In the Company of Wolves: Animal Transformation Fantasies (20-03-07)
VI: Becoming-Animal: On Molecular Bestiality (27-03-07)

Reflections beneath a Black Sun: Myth, History, Politics and Paganism (2008)

I: Crackpot History and the Politics of Cultural Despair (11-03-08)
II: From Ariosophy to National Socialism (18-03-08)
III: Only a God Can Save Us Now (25-03-08)
IV: Blood and Soil (01-04-08)
V: Neo-Nazi Mysteries (08-04-08)
VI: On the Spirit of Terrorism (15-04-08)

Finally, and most recently, there have been four one-off presentations (although the three papers given in 2012 have all spun out of a wider on-going project, entitled Sex/Object and so betray a certain sense of continuity and cross-over of materials):

Elements of Gothic Queerness in 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' (18-05-11)
Sun-Fucked: On the Dangers and Pleasures of Solar Sexuality (18-01-12)
Floraphilia: The Revenge of the Flowers (19-06-12)
The Pygmalion Syndrome: Sex-Dolls, Solipsism, and The Love of Statues (24-10-12)